Breaking: Gov calls special session to repeal H.B.477; Citizens organize rally

Governor Herbert has issued a call for special session on Friday at noon to repeal House Bill 477 which makes electronic communications of elected officials closed to the public.  Utah Legislature Watch earlier reported on legislators having a change of heart over the bill and efforts were being made to move towards a special session at that point.

Herbert has stated he wants to see the bill “replaced” with a new GRAMA bill.  Citizen watchdogs are sure to be on their toes, monitoring the revisions that come out of this.

Meanwhile, citizens are organizing a Repeal, Don’t Replace (We like GRAMA just the way she is) Rally on Friday, March 25 · 11:00am – 2:00pm at the Utah State Capitol Rotunda.


One Response

  1. The ALEC American Legislative Exchange Council is having one of its national meetings the weekend of July 25th in SLC! You can learn more about ALEC at — Or by googling ALEC —

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