Utah’s Budget

Today the first draft of the budget for Utah was released.  Below are links to articles and information on the budget.  Readers are invited to make comments on their take on this budget.  You can comment to this post or at the Utah Legislative Watch Facebook Page.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, highlights of the proposed budget are:

the early release of more than 200 prison inmates (release 215 inmates by August, then would have to release 11 more every month),

eliminate 29 Highway Patrol troopers,

cut off prenatal care for 5,600 poor mothers,

chop domestic violence services

reduce funding for the victims of child abuse,

spares public education from the reductions (does not provide any additional funding for the net increase of 11,000 students who will be in classrooms next year)

[Governor’s proposals]

raise the tobacco tax by more than $1 per pack, generating $23 million,

require companies to pay their taxes quarterly, rather than annually, which would free up about $125 million this year,

eliminate a rebate to companies that file their taxes online, which costs the state about $20 million a year,

issuing bonds rather than paying for certain construction projects with cash

Deseret News Article

Deseret News Blog

View the Compendium of Budget Information for the 2010 Legislative Session here.


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  1. […] In an effort to avoid raising taxes, the legislators have proposed deep cuts to many services as part of this year’s budget balancing act.  (View post about budget proposal here.) […]

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