Lawmakers claim global warming is “conspiracy”

Utah must look really crazy to the world right now.  Members of  a House committee passed a non-binding resolution to keep federal global warming laws out of the state. has posted a piece on the action today: on Utah Legislature view on climate change

The committee plans to take the resolution to the full House for a vote.

There are also many conservative Republicans who strongly believe global warming is a conspiracy to do something that would harm Utah. The resolution reflects this theory with strong words and a strong message.

For example, it claims perpetrators of “Climategate” often “incorporate “tricks” related to global temperature data in order to produce a global warming outcome.” The end result is what the resolution calls a climate change “gravy train.”

Along with scientific evidence, one only needs to look at things like the Hardiness Zone Map to see the the changes in climate over a period of years. (Oh, but wait!  The Arbor Day Foundation are some of those “conspiracy theorists”!).

Global Warming is a very controversial issue with conservatives.  The denial of global warming comes from the fact that the extraction industry would be heavily taxed and the profits would no longer be realized.  The rich would become less rich and that just isn’t acceptable.

That’s the bottom line, and at the expense of our planet and all its life.


6 Responses

  1. I just heard this on NPR, absolutely absurd. whoever the 10 people are that voted for it are idiots, and we need to get them out of congress.

  2. I just cannot believe this, our Environment is getting Worse.

  3. Think Progress ( has a post about this issue. Interesting read – article and the comments.

  4. I praise the Utah Legislature to taking a stand against the THEORY of Global Warming. Especially since much of the data the THEORY is based on has been shown to be false and “doctored” because the researchers wanted a different outcome. I thank them for protecting the people of Utah from unnecessary government intervention that will only increase government rule, increase my energy costs and decrease my freedom.

  5. When are people going to learn it’s not called global warming anymore? It’s called climate change.

  6. Oh and Mike, have you ever heard of scientific literature and review? What about scientific consensus? It’s there for a reason. So that one person can’t come up with some wild theory and everyone believes it. Do some research and you’ll find scientific consensus on worldwide climate change. This has taken many years and much debate. I wish people like you would be a little more concerned about their future and their posterity’s future.

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