Contact members of the health committee on HB12

Click here for the full post –  ACLU’s Utah Legislative Action Alert:

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Rep. Ronda Rudd Menlove (R), Vice Chair

Rep. Paul Ray (R), Chair

Rep. Phil Riesen (D)

Rep. Trisha S. Beck (D)

Rep. Stephen E. Sandstrom (R)

Rep. Bradley M. Daw (R)


  • HB 12 could potentially criminalize any number of harmless activities undertaken by pregnant women, which activities could be seen by someone else as endangering a pregnancy.
  • HB 12 increases the threat of prosecution for pregnant women who are struggling with addiction, creating a painful DISincentive for these women to seek rehabilitative treatment or prenatal care.
  • HB 12 could unnessesarily target women who miscarry, with no ill intent and/or through no fault of their own.
  • By accepting as legal only pregnancy losses that occur under the direction of a physician, HB12 could result in midwives or doulahs being charged with “killing” or “attempted killing.”

One Response

  1. I e-mailed my reps, though they’re not on the committee. This would be a horrible law! This law alone would cause me to take my family and move out of Utah. And then there are the poor women who can’t move… especially those with addictions, and with various reasons why they might not be able to seek prenatal care.

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