It’s Time To Be Creative: The People’s Bribe

This group has put on its Creativity Gloves for these final days of the Utah Legislature.  I plan to attend.

Nuclear ReACTION and Visual Cacophony invite you to:

Tuesday, March 10th, 5pm
Capitol Rotunda

We send frantic emails to our representatives. We call night and day. We come to the capitol to speak to them in person (even submitting our bodies to neckties, heels, nylons, in the hope that if we don’t look like tree-huggers, students, or stay-at-home moms, they might not ignore us).

But somehow they’re not hearing it. Instead of keeping campaign promises of openness, transparency, and ethics reform–and instead of listening to the voice of the people in determining policy–again and again our legislators side with The Money. The corporations and
political action committees which fund the campaigns are the ones who determine the votes, leaving high-minded words like “democracy” behind in the dust.

Well, we’ve learned our lesson. At 5pm on Tuesday, March 10th, hundreds of us will gather at the Capitol Rotunda. We will come armed with dollar bills, which we will leave in a pile in the middle of the Capitol Rotunda. We are asking our representatives to accept our bribe, and please begin voting in accordance to the will of the

We will have cards there, which you can tape to each dollar bill and write your request to a specific legislator. We will leave our bribe money in the middle of the capitol building as long as possible: even if it’s removed, the legislature won’t be able to spend it or give it back. Remember, they throw away your letters, but they can’t legally throw away money.

Please join us for one moment of revelry amidst a dreary legislative session.

Kate Savage
Nuclear ReACTION

p.s. Costuming is always appreciated: please come dressed as the lobbyist of your choice (for example the Lorax as the Tree’s Lobbyist, or a sun or windmill as the Renewable Energy Lobbyist).


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