Governor Huntsman Expected to Veto Waste Bill

Governor Huntsman is expected to veto the Foreign Waste Bill

Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. says he will veto any attempt by the Legislature and EnergySolutions to bring foreign radioactive waste into the state.

Huntsman said he told legislative leaders “in no uncertain terms” that he would reject a profit-sharing proposal the company has discussed with legislative and community leaders.

GOP lawmakers aren’t worried, though:

Senate President Michael Waddoups, R-Taylorsville, said Huntsman’s veto threat won’t deter lawmakers from exploring the idea, but it does change the math.

Any proposal brought forward would have to be able to overcome Huntsman’s opposition, meaning it would need support from two-thirds of the Legislature.

Opponents of the bill praised Huntsman:

“EnergySolutions has bought the Delta Center [naming rights], hours of air time and is now going for the state of Utah. Thank goodness that Governor Huntsman has proven that he can’t be bought, and Utah can’t be sold,” said Vanessa Pierce, executive director of the Health Environment Alliance of Utah. “Now it’s time for the Legislature to prove the same.”

U.S. Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, said in a statement Tuesday that he was “outraged that Utah legislators would even consider allowing our state to become the universal dumping ground for the world’s nuclear garbage.”

HEAL Utah has issued this action alert:

Energy Solutions wants to make a deal. Exploiting the economic recession to turn a bigger profit, the company is offering to pay us off if we’ll only let them open Utah’s doors to the world’s nuclear waste.

When we first learned about the deal, brokered in secret between EnergySolutions and Utah legislators, we were caught speechless.

Thankfully, Gov. Huntsman came to our aid today: “Our position is abundantly clear. Let’s just say that the price the state pays for being a dumping ground lasts forever. The recession will not.”

And Congressman Matheson certainly wasn’t at a loss for words: “I am outraged that Utah legislators would even consider allowing our state to become the universal dumping ground for the world’s nuclear garbage and I know most Utahns share my anger.”

We share the Congressman’s anger, as well as the Governor’s resolve. Unfortunately, the Utah State Legislature appears poised to sell us out for EnergySolutions’ money, unless they hear from us now!

Please take a minute to contact the leadership of the Utah Senate and House. We need to send a message immediately that Utahns will not become the world’s nuclear waste dump in exchange for EnergySolutions’ cash. Despite the Governor’s and the majority of Utahn’s clear opposition, some legislators are saying that we “need to move fast” to pass EnergySolutions’ indecent proposal.

Please call House and Senate leaders to register your opposition to the plan today:

-Senate President Michael Waddoups (R-West Valley): 801-967-0225,

-House Speaker David Clark (R-Santa Clara): 435-628-5108,

Click here for a sample message you can leave:

If these legislators don’t hear from Utahns, they will act fast to pass out EnergySolutions plan–so please call or email today!

After contacting these legislators, please also take a minute to call Gov. Huntsman at 801-538-1000 and thank him for his continued opposition to EnergySolutions’ foreign nuclear waste plans. Gov. Huntsman deserves praise for his leadership and willingness to stand up for Utahns on this issue, and he needs to know we are fully behind him. His opposition has been critical to keeping foreign nuclear waste out of our state and will be even more critical should the legislature attempt to sell out Utah for EnergySolutions’ dirty money. (The Governor’s office is open 7:30AM to 6:00PM, M-Th).

Perhaps as Steve Creamer was buying up TV spots and lavishing money on legislators, he forgot one very important thing: Utah is NOT for sale. Please help us send this important message to the Utah House and Senate.

For those of you who want to know how the Senate Committee hearing on pro-nuclear legislation SJR016 went, please click here:

Matheson, guv blast foreign nuke waste profit splitting scheme:


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