“Responsible” Nuclear Power Bill

Nuclear Power and the waste it generates has been a long time controversial issue in Utah.  Citizens has fought this battle over the years to prevent high-level nuclear waste from being created and stored in Utah and beyond.  It now looks like a nuclear power facility is likely to be built in Green River, Utah, if policy makers get their way.

This announcement came in from HEAL Utah:

Do you want high-level nuclear waste created and stored in Utah just so states like California can turn on their lights? Or how about billions of gallons of Utah water used each year to create power we can’t afford?

Of course not. Yet former state Representative Aaron Tilton is getting closer to doing exactly that. On Friday, he signed an agreement to purchase over 1,500 acres of land just outside Green River for his proposed nuclear power plant.

Protecting Utah from this type of proposal is one reason Sen. Scott McCoy (D-Salt Lake) is sponsoring his “responsible” nuclear power development bill, Senate Bill 42. Will you join us on Wednesday to support SB 42 and let our legislators know that we don’t want to become California’s high-level nuclear waste dump?

What: “Responsible” Nuclear Power Press Conference and Rally
Where: Capitol Rotunda Stairs (these are the big steps inside the Capitol on the second floor)
When: 11:45am-12:30pm

Sen. McCoy’s bill sets out two simple provisions. Before a nuclear power plant is built in Utah, there needs to be a federally licensed repository with space to dispose of the high-level nuclear waste from the plant AND the plant needs to produce power that is affordable to Utahns.

SB 42 is not perfect. But at the very least, it ensures that anyone who wants to bring nuclear power to Utah needs to first make sure there is a disposal solution for the waste. It also ensures people like Aaron Tilton won’t be able to use up our land and water resources to sell other states expensive nuclear power that we can’t even afford.

Rep. Tilton has said that Sen. McCoy’s bill doesn’t deserve a hearing, and so far the Senate has agreed. Please join us to show our legislators that we need to prevent Private Fuel Storage, Part II, and to send the message that nuclear power’s cost and waste issues deserve to be discussed openly in the light of day.

Given the current economic crisis, Utahns need energy that we can afford, that will produce jobs immediately, and that won’t leave taxpayers holding the bag for cleaning up future messes we can avoid today. In a word, we need responsible energy, and Tilton’s Green River nuclear plant is anything but.

For more information on SB 42, click here:



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