Comprehensive Sex Ed included in HB189


Comprehensive Sex Ed is one of the best ways to reduce the need for abortion, but oddly enough it usually shunned by the pro-life movement.

Just got this update from PPAU:

That’s right, comprehensive sex education is now a possibility in Utah. House Bill 189 – Instruction in Health Amendments, sponsored by Rep. Lynn Hemingway of District 40 is currently in the House Rules Committee and is slated to be heard in the 2009 legislative session. Go to either or to find a copy of the text.

If you live in District 40, please send Rep. Hemingway an email ( and thank him for taking on this important issue.

Now that we have a bill, the work that we have been doing for the last year has taken an exciting new direction! In order to get things moving as quickly as possible, PPAC will be holding a phone bank this Thursday, February 12, at 5:30 pm at PPAC HQ – 551 East South Temple. We’ll be calling supporters in targeted districts and asking them to contact their legislators in favor of HB 189, and we need as many volunteers as possible! Can you help us on Thursday? The Legislature needs to hear from all of us if we’re going to move this important issue forward. The time is now! Join us at our phone bank on Thursday and help us get this bill to the next step in the Legislative process.


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