State Board of Education Votes to Support Bills

The Utah State Board of Education voted to support the following bills now before the Utah Legislature:

*   HB264: Educator Evaluation Amendments

This bill requires a local school board to develop an educator evaluation program consistent with criteria specified by the State Board of Education in rules; support, monitor, and maintain the educator evaluation program; andprovide ongoing evaluation of career educators; requires the principal or immediate supervisor of a provisional educator to assign a person who has received training in mentoring educators to mentor the provisional educator;requires the State Board of Education to make rules specifying criteria for and educator evaluation system adopted by a local school board; and makes technical changes.

*   HB328: Teacher Quality Amendments

This bill directs the State Board of Education to solicit and award grants on a competitive
basis to school districts and charter schools to develop and implement
performance-based compensation plans for elementary school teachers;
requires the performance-based compensation plans to include certain performance
criteria; and requires criterion-referenced test results to be reported by class.

*   SB92: Local Governmental Cooperation in Education Matters

This bill (amended) allows local governmental entities and school districts to contract and cooperate
with one another in matters affecting the education of their residents; S. [ allows a local governmental entity to specify:  the purpose for which public funds are disbursed to a school district; and that public funds disbursed to a school district shall be used within the
boundaries of the local governmental entity;
] .S
and allows a representative of county government to participate in local school board discussions.

*   SB100: Financial and Economic Literacy Education Amendments

This bill:requires a public school to provide the following to the parents or guardians of a kindergarten student: a financial and economic literacy passport; and information about opening a Utah Educational Savings Plan account; and makes technical corrections.


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