Economic Stimulus: What Utah Lawmakers Could Do, Might Do, Should Do

If Obama’s stimulus bill passes, Utah could get $2 billion, which would help the financial status immensely.

In an article posted in the Salt Lake Tribune:

Utah would receive $215 million to plug shortfalls in Medicaid, which provides health care for the state’s poorest residents.

The state’s 40 school districts could grab anywhere from $31,500 for tiny Daggett to $38 million for mammoth Granite, according to congressional estimates. The money would help educate disabled children and benefit Title 1 schools, which serve high numbers of low-income children.

State Superintendent Patti Harrington said the money would be an “enormous” help.

But it won’t stop state lawmakers from continuing with budget cuts. They plan to slash state spending by as much as 15 percent, saying they will not count on the federal stimulus.

Would lawmakers then actually use the money to help the current budget crisis?  Or would legislators push to save yet more money in its “rainy day fund” only to then turn around and then offer property tax rebates for property owners instead of using the funds for vital services?


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