S.B. 27 – Election Law Changes

Senate Bill 27 – Election Law Change calls for these highlighted changes to be made:

This bill:
14 .    clarifies the requirements to be legally entitled to vote when voting in a precinct
15 outside of one’s own;
16 .    changes the date for the Western States Presidential Primary election canvass;
17 .    changes numerous provisions that require specific placement of various ballot items
18 to more general placement requirements;
19 .    clarifies that a proposed constitutional amendment is a “measure” for the purposes
20 of Title 20A, Chapter 7, Issues Submitted to the Voters;
21 .    changes the unaffiliated candidate pledge to include a pledge concerning campaign
22 financial disclosures;
23 .    changes filing deadlines for certain city, town, or local district offices;
24          .     allows an unaffiliated candidate for President or Vice President of the United States
25      to use a designated agent to file a certificate of nomination;

26 .    clarifies that a write-in candidate must file a declaration of candidacy in person or
27 through a designated agent; and makes technical changes.

I highlighted lines 24 and 25 because in the 2008 elections Cynthia McKinney was an unaffiliated presidential candidate in Utah and she had to fly all the way here from Georgia just to file for the office.  Most other states allow a designee to do this.  So I am glad to see this provision in this bill.


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