Bills to Watch Series: Blue in Red Zion

I’ve been enjoying reading Curtis Haring’s “Bills to Watch Series” on his blog, Blue in Red Zion. He explains the issues in the bill pretty well and with humor, too. In case you’ve missed these, here are links to the past few for your reading convenience:

Bills to Watch: H.B. 222 Unborn Child Pain Prevention Act

Bills to Watch:  H.B. 219 Tobacco Tax Increase

Bills to Watch:  H.B. 115 County Conservation and Preservation Act

Bills to Watch:  H.B. 248 Regulating the Use of a Wireless Communication Device While Operating a Motor Vehicle

Bills to Watch:  H.B. 109 Modifications to Campaign Finance Provisions

Bills to Watch:  S.B. 112 Obstruction of Justice Amendment


2 Responses

  1. How about adding HB114 to the list? Abortion Litigation Trust Account Amendments

  2. Thanks for the link love!

    Robin, I will look into HB 114 and see if there is anything there.


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