Utah Concurrent Resolution – A Call to Civility

The 2009 session of the Utah Legislature so far has close to 400 bills to address and several resolutions.

One of those resolutions, Senate Concurrent Resolution 2, urges the people of Utah to return to fundamental principles that will lead to greater civility and respectful public discourse.

I have known about this resolution for awhile and have been impressed with its creation, development and arrival to this place in the Legislature.  One of the statements in the Resolution is particularly impressive:

WHEREAS, this is not an appeal for all citizens of the state simply to get along

The resolution calls for a recognition of the rights afforded to and the responsibilities of citizens in the U.S. constitution and for ground rules in public discourse, while recognizing the rights and dignity of each person regardless of opinion or values, striving for common ground on issues where agreement and solutions can be made, with each person being charged with building community amongst our the diversity where we live.

I don’t see how we can go wrong with such a resolution.  The work will come in the practice of the items set forth in the resolution by the citizens in our state.


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