Utah Legislature Watch is a project of citizens with the hope of being a “check & balance” on our local government. ULW provides a progressive view of issues by posting insights on issues affected by Utah Politics.

Utah Legislature Watch will include posts on news, insights and opinion regarding Utah’s Legislature and lawmakers.  News feeds will provide the latest headlines and posts will offer insights and opinions on lawmaker’s activities.

Originally patterned after Utah’s most widely read political blog, ONE UTAH, we hope this will blog will provide inspiration for people to engage in frank and honest discussion about what Utah’s Legislature is doing and how effectively lawmakers are serving their constituents.

Readers are invited to comment regardless of political views. Respectful dialogue is the key to engaging in discussion and conversation about politics in Utah.


Kat Kellermeyer

Brendan Hobbz Phillips

Deanna “Dee” Taylor

Contact us for more information on becoming a writer for Utah Legislature Watch or for more information in general